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Purple Chips is my unique stock-picking method based on identifying superior companies based on simple visual examinations of financial health while applying three key criteria to distinguish high-performing purple chip stocks from mere blue chip investments.

Each Purple Chips company must demonstrate stable and predictable earnings, seven (7) years or more of rising profitability, and a market capitalization of at least one billion dollars ($1B)

Investopedia has a great writeup on my approach.

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Please consider the multi-year Purple Chips track record. From January 2012 through December 2021, 237 trades were completed of which 191 are winners - that’s 81% - the average return over all completed trades is 13.4%. And that excludes dividends!

These are the buys and sells of Purple Chip stocks that I’ve made for my private clients and myself.

These are not paper trades, but real trades, regularly multimillion dollar.

Take a look at my Completed 2021 Trades to see how our methodology played out during that year’s turbulence!

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  2. Email Alerts that are sent any time I Buy or Sell a Purple Chips stock for my private clients, allowing you to shadow me with your own trades.

  3. I also post on a biweekly basis the complete list of Purple Chips stocks along with their Low and High valuations that I’ve established using my methodology. Please note that these valuations change over time, especially during earnings season.

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Free subscribers can view my Blog Casts 8 weeks after publication.

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John Schwinghamer

The Author of Purple Chips (J. Wiley 2012). PHD from the stock market school of hard knox. Portfolio Manager at a Top 50 Global Institution, focus on Purple Chips (better than blue chips) and always searching for diamonds in the rough.