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Valuation Range Updates - US Financials

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October 19th Spells Opportunity?

Market Update - GOOG, IBM Light on Revenues

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27% Return in Single Paired Trade

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Sell Walgreen's on earnings decline

Market Update - Performance of Nine Recent Top Picks

Sell Open Text due to Valuation Reset

Low Signal Valuation in Towers Watson

Market Update - GOOG and GPN Hit Key Signals

Exiting Campbell's Soup

Purple Chips, In Practice

Canadian Valuations On The Move

Top-25 Valuation Range Updates

Market Update - Video - 082112

Exiting Baidu on Valuation Concerns

Cisco Strengthens It's Earnings Profile

Staples Drops on Earnings Results - Update Expectations

European Uncertainty Derails Priceline

Market Update - Video - 081312

Stryker Hits Low Valuation Signal

Valuation Update - Video - AAPL Post-earnings Review

Market Update - Video - AFL, TEVA, BDX and SYK

Stryker (Top-25 Purple Chip) Earnings Preview

Apple Quarterly Earnings Preview

Cisco Hits Low Valuation Signal

Telefonica Hits a Busy Signal - A Fallen Purple Chip

Stryker is a Top-25 US Purple Chip and approaching Low Valuation

C.H. Robinson Delivers a Low Valuation Signal

Low Valuation Signal Indicated at Staples?


High valuation signal for CGI

Time to rebuild - Low valuation signal with Home Capital Group

Portfolio Insurance - Low valuation signal with AFLAC

Switch Pepsi for Aflac

Joy Global Hits Low Signal

Teva Hits Low Signal Prescription

Baidu hits low signal

Digging for Gold in Barrick

Exiting CR Bard

Closing the chapter on Open Text Corporation

Taking Profit on SNC

EMC Quickly Hits a High Valuation Signal

Telefonica Shares Hitting Static - Low Valuation Signal

Royal Bank looking a little flush - High Valuation Signal

Low Valuation in SNC signals an Opportunity

Pepsi Bubbling Up - Low Valuation Signal

Novartis Low Valuation Signal